Vividés Ltd. (the Company) was a public unlisted company that planned to develop high-tech, high-touch Business and Leadership Development Centers around the Asia Pacific region.

The Company’s specialty focus was investing in and developing Leadership Centers to provide leading edge business services and a first-class environment for business incubation.  

Focused on adding value to other peoples’ professional and personal lives while delivering an extraordinary return to shareholders. In the end, the company lost a $10 million lawsuit and was liquidated resulting in losses in the tens of millions for all stakeholders.

In June 2004, Vividés Ltd. established its prototype Leadership Center in order to conduct market testing, customization, systems development, and modeling. To facilitate the delivery of services the Company established a model high-tech, high-touch Leadership and Business Development center based in Suntec Tower Two that set a new standard of excellence, integrated technology, aesthetic environment and “five-star service”.  It included a “spa-office” reception, 20 person board room, meeting room, offices for 17 staff and training room with a total capacity of 120.

It is our opinion that the Executive Chairman Dr. Malcolm Linsell mismanaged the company, was grossly negligent, misrepresented the facts to stakeholders and misappropriated shareholder funds. The company had a significant investment in Australian Leadership Centre Pty. Ltd., Dr. Malcolm Linsell was the Executive Chairman, Managing Director and largest individual shareholder. You can read the story of what happened in Australia > here.

This website is dedicated to telling the other side of the story and to stand up for the hard-working people, grandmothers, fathers and wives who lost their life savings as a result of Dr. Malcolm Linsell‘s inappropriate, unethical and destructive behavior.

We believe that it was terrible business decisions, poor management, and outright negligence that lead to the failure of the Company.

If you are a supplier who has not been paid or an investor and lost your hard-earned money, contact us and we will add you to the fast-growing database.

In our opinion, this is a classic example of Narcissism run amok. Some would say this is the Dark Triad at work. We will present stories, examples, and experiences for you to make up your own mind. Feel free to disagree. At the very least we hope to inspire a healthy debate, right some wrongs and to educate and inform as many people as possible of the perils of unfettered greed and Narcissism.

Thank you.